One of my enemies

March 15, 2009


This is not an actual photograph of the enemy, it’s too risky to get an actual photo..but it looks very much like this. He comes around a few times a week acting like he owns the place – his war cry is unmistakeable. A loud, continuous sound that surely is used to frighten and put fear into all who oppose him. He tries to collect the dog hair i’ve left around… i’m not sure if he’s trying to claim the territory for himself or he is trying to get a DNA sample from me. He also picks up any left over food on the ground, another example of how he is trying to weaken me.


Ah my first blog post!

Here you will find my random thoughts, movie reviews and any rants that may come to mind. I am very busy watching my territory, playing fetch and barking at any meat around the house I think I have a chance at eating but I will find time to update this. Please check back often!